Attorney General Tim Fox has formed a Sexual Assault Evidence Task Force to examine the issue of unsubmitted evidence kits in Montana and develop a plan to address the issue.

In the course of its investigation into an allegation of sexual assault, a law enforcement agency can request that a victim be examined for physical evidence of the assault. When the investigating agency or prosecutor has determined that the evidence should be submitted to the state crime laboratory for processing, that evidence is processed by the laboratory free of charge. Watch this informative video from the U.S. Department of Justice to learn more about sexual assault kits:

Task force members:

Mary Barry, Former Deputy Yellowstone County Attorney
Jon Bennion, Deputy Montana Attorney General
David Bowen, Great Falls Chief of Police
• Christy Clark, Montana House of Representatives (R-Choteau)
• Kim Dudik, Montana House of Representatives (D-Missoula)
Mike Linder, Yellowstone County Sheriff
Debbie Mulcahy, registered nurse and certified sexual assault nurse examiner at Kalispell Regional Medical Center
Alanna Sherstad, director of the VOICE Center at Montana State University
Robin Turner, Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence


11/7/15 news release announcing the task force
Attorney General’s 12/9/15 letter to county sheriffs and city police chiefs
12/17/15 news release finalizing task force membership

Agenda for 2/16/16 task force meeting
Agenda for 3/25/16 task force meeting
Agenda for 7/22/16 task force meeting

•Agenda for 11/18/16 task force meeting

Agenda for 6/28 – 29/17 task force meeting

Agenda for 10/2/17 task force meeting

2016 SAKI Project Narrative
2016 SAKI Project Abstract

Task force meetings:

2/16/16 (mtg starts at 10:40 in video):

3/25/16 (mtg starts at 13:55 in video):