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Montana’s Tim Fox: President of the National Association of Attorneys General

On December 9, 2019, Attorney General Tim Fox was elected president of the National Association of Attorneys General. The organization was founded in 1907 to help attorneys general fulfill the responsibilities of their office and to assist in the delivery of high-quality legal services to the states and territorial jurisdictions.

For his presidential initiative, Fox chose “Transformational Leadership and Civility.” A presidential initiative seeks to strengthen collective leadership among all state and territory attorneys general by enhancing civil and bipartisan engagement, and offering solutions to overcome partisan and ideological divides.

Fox’s thesis for his Master of Public Administration degree, “Civility and Statesmanship in the Offices of State, Territorial, and District of Columbia Attorneys General,” was the inspiration for his presidential initiative.  Fox believes that acknowledging political differences in the work of the attorneys general, and in the relationships among them, is the first step toward doing the type of good bipartisan work that attorneys general have done together in areas like consumer protection, public safety, crime fighting, and social justice.

It is imperative that these influential leaders have a methodology for tackling problems in a way that fosters collaboration. That methodology is the exercise of statesmanship, and is the foundation of Fox’s presidential series webinars and podcasts.

“Attorneys general continue to be great examples of Image of Tim Fox NAAG Presidentthe positive political dialogue our nation needs today, and will continue to need, in the months ahead. The challenge we all face is to act civilly with one another while continuing to collaborate in a bipartisan manner in order to improve the lives of Americans across the country. Now is the time for public officials to commit to respectfully and thoughtfully working together on the many issues confronting our states and our nation.”

— Attorney General Tim Fox

Due to the pandemic, all presidential series events will be held virtually. You’re invited to learn more by participating in the presidential series webinars free of charge.

The People’s Lawyer” is a biweekly podcast from the National Association of Attorneys General, and is hosted by Attorney General Tim Fox. Episodes explore the role of the state and territory attorneys general as chief legal officers for their states, and their work protecting the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution. Click the icon to listen:

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