Attorney General Fox & MHP Announce New Program to Crack Down on Organized Crime

Attorney General Fox & MHP Announce New Program to Crack Down on Organized Crime

Attorney General Tim Fox announced today a new criminal interdiction team program as part of the Montana Department of Justice’s Aid Montana:  Addressing the Impact of Drugs initiative. The team, which was created through funding authorized during the 2017 Legislature, will focus its efforts on cracking down on organized crime in Montana to include interdicting illegal narcotics, preventing human trafficking, apprehending wanted fugitives, and recovering stolen or illegal firearms. The team consists of six Montana Highway Patrol troopers, including trained canines, and will be split into two units — a west team and an east team to optimize its reach. The team will be supported by two agents from the Montana Division of Criminal Investigation.

Speaking at a press conference at his office this morning, Attorney General Tim Fox said, “Some of the most horrific crimes imaginable occurring in Montana are fueled by an increased presence of organized crime.  We must boost our efforts to crack down on organized criminal networks wreaking havoc on our state, and the Department of Justice’s Criminal Interdiction Team is a big step in the right direction. This new team should serve as a warning to organized crime everywhere that Montana is not the place to do business.  I look forward to what we will accomplish for public safety in Montana by implementing this new resource.”

Colonel Tom Butler, Chief Administrator of the Montana Highway Patrol, emphasized that the team will focus on large-scale criminal networks, stating, “These networks pollute our communities with illegal weapons, toxic substances often leading to addiction, and violence. This activity simply has no place in Montana.”

Bryan Lockerby, Administrator of the Division of Criminal Investigation, echoed the sentiments of Attorney General Fox and Colonel Butler, adding, “Our cooperative partnerships with law enforcement agencies across the state are an invaluable part of making this team work. We all have a common goal — to uproot and dismantle criminal networks operating in our state.”