Attorney General Fox to EPA: Dialogue with All States, Not Threat of Lawsuit from Few, Should Drive Any New GHG Emission Regulations

Today, Montana Attorney General Tim Fox and attorneys general from 20 other states wrote to the acting U.S. EPA Administrator to urge him to resist creating new regulatory guidelines for greenhouse gas emissions in response to a litigation threat from seven states in the northeastern United States.

The northeastern states filed Notices of Intent to Sue the EPA in April, and then notified the EPA they would not sue if the EPA wrote new regulations on greenhouse gas emissions from new electric generating units. Today’s letter from Attorney General Fox and others urged the EPA to decline entering into any settlement negotiations with the northeastern states to avert a lawsuit, and asked for an opportunity to participate in the resolution moving forward.

“Air quality is of equal concern to all states,” said Attorney General Tim Fox. “Effective policymaking should not be forced to happen under the threat of litigation. If the EPA needs to make new rules on greenhouse emissions, all states need a seat at the table, and Montana’s interests must be represented.”

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