Attorney General Tim Fox Announces “Aid Montana” an Initiative to Combat Substance Abuse in Montana

Aid Montana Presser

Attorney General Tim Fox Announces “Aid Montana” an Initiative to Combat Substance Abuse in Montana

Montana Attorney General Tim Fox announced at a press conference Wednesday “Aid Montana: Addressing the Impact of Drugs,” an initiative led by his office to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for addressing substance abuse in Montana.

Speaking on the steps of the State Capitol, Fox said, “Aid Montana will be a comprehensive approach to addressing Montana’s substance abuse problem. While law enforcement will certainly be one method of addressing substance abuse in Montana, it certainly isn’t the only approach. Treatment, education and coordination efforts are critical if we are to get ahead of this problem, and will be central components to our strategy.”

Over the summer, Attorney General Fox will partner with the Montana Healthcare Foundation to hold six listening sessions across the state to hear real life experiences of individuals affected by substance abuse. At these listening sessions, Fox hopes to hear a variety of stories, including those from people who’ve been affected by drugs in their homes; businesses owners who’ve had their work place affected by substance abuse; healthcare and social work professionals who see the effects of drugs on a daily basis; and community leaders who want to find public policy solutions to address this problem.

“It is our goal to have our strategic plan completed before the 2019 legislative session,” Fox said. “We want to present a “roadmap” to lawmakers that outlines what needs to be done at the legislative level to efficiently and effectively combat this problem. Whether it be shifting resources to find where they are most effective, or changing laws to better reflect the reality of the problem, we want policymakers to have a clear understanding of what needs to be done.”

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