Montana Department of Justice

Montana law prohibits certain activities to protect all citizens engaged in commerce —  farmers and ranchers, other small business owners and individuals. The laws are enforced by the Office of Consumer Protection.

If you think a business has treated you unfairly, file a complaint with our office at the Consumer Complaints page.

Here is a brief description of the kinds of activities Montana law regulates and, in certain situations, prohibits:

  • unfair acts by a business
  • deceptive acts by a business
  • misleading advertising
  • door-to-door sales
  • telemarketing, including Montana’s Do-Not-Call list
  • car and truck sales and repair, including the New Vehicle Warranty Act (or Lemon Law) violations
  • antitrust issues, including price fixing, monopoly abuse and restraint of trade

 Montana law also specifically addresses certain activities unique to agriculture:

Plain Language in Contracts Act – Section 30-14-1101 requires that a consumer contract be written in a clear and coherent manner using common words, and that those words be easy to read.

A note about legal representation…

The Office of Consumer Protection cannot act as your private attorney. State law prohibits the office from giving individual citizens legal advice or opinions, or acting as their private attorney.

In some cases, the Office of Consumer Protection may not be the correct place to seek assistance. If we cannot help, however, we will try to refer you to another agency.  See Common Problems: Who to Contact for the appropriate place to seek help.