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Office of Consumer Protection forms are available to download and print. Forms cannot be submitted online—they must be printed, filled out manually and delivered or mailed to the address indicated on the form.

Debt Management Licensing

Title Description Form Number  Date  Format
Debt Management Licensing Application Used by businesses to apply for the license required to provide debt management services in Montana. OCP-301 9/14 PDF
Debt Management Licensing Surety Bond Form Used by businesses to show proof of the required $50,000 surety bond. OCP-303 9/14 PDF
Debt Management Licensing Certificate of Compliance Legal certification that the information provided by a business seeking a debt management license is true and accurate. OCP-304 9/14 PDF

Debt Settlement

Title Description Form Number Date Format
Debt Settlement Provider Filing Checklist Used as a debt settlement provider filing checklist. OCP-801 9/14 PDF
Debt Settlement Provider Certificate of Compliance Used as a debt settlement provider certificate of compliance. OCP-802 9/14 PDF

End-of-Life Registry – Advance Health Care Directives & Health Care Provider Registration

Title Description  Date  Format
My Choices Advance Directive This form may be used to indicate a consumer’s health care choices should he or she become terminally ill and unable to express decisions on whether to accept or refuse medical treatment. (This information can be provided in other formats, provided the document meets the requirements specified in MCA 50-9-103.) Note: To file a directive in the Montana End-of-Life Registry, it must be accompanied by the Consumer Registration Agreement that follows. 3/14


(Spanish PDF)

Consumer Registration Agreement for the Montana End-of-Life Registry Used by consumers to indicate their desire to store an advance directive in the Montana End-of-Life Registry, replace or remove an advance directive already in the Registry, or request a replacement wallet card. 3/14


(Spanish PDF)

Health Care Provider Registration Agreement for the Montana End-of-Life Registry Used by health care providers to register for a user name and password that allows access to advance directives available online through the Montana End-of-Life Registry. 3/14 PDF
Implementation Guidelines for Health Care Facilities A brief outline of the basic steps necessary to inform health care facility administrators and staff about the End-of-Life Registry. 9/14 PDF

Identity Theft

Title Description  Date  Format
10 Steps to Recover from Identity Theft A checklist to help victims of identity theft take the necessary steps to minimize the damage. 9/14 PDF | Word
Identity Theft Passport Application Used by victims to apply for a passport that can help them prove to creditors and law enforcement officers that someone has used their identity to commit fraud. 9/14 PDF | Word
Sample Dispute Letter – Credit Bureau A sample letter used by ID theft victims to inform a credit bureau that they did not make disputed charges and request that the items be blocked to correct their credit reports. 12/05 PDF | Word
Sample Dispute Letter – Existing Credit Account A sample letter used by ID theft victims to inform a creditor that they did not make the disputed charge or debit, and demand that the creditor notify all three credit bureaus of the problem. 12/05 PDF | Word
Sample Security Freeze Request Letter A sample letter used to notify the three credit bureaus that consumers wish to freeze access to their credit files. 7/07 PDF | Word

Notice of Dissolution

Title Description  Date  Format
Nonprofit Organization Complaint Used by a consumer to file a complaint against a nonprofit organization. Before filing a complaint, please review what Consumer Protection Can (or can’t) Do. 9/14 PDF
Notice of Dissolution of a Nonprofit Corporation Used by a public benefit or religious corporation to notify the Attorney General of the corporation’s intent to dissolve. 9/14 PDF | Word

Small Claims Court

Title Description Form Number  Date  Format
Small Claims Court Checklist: How to File a Claim A list of the steps the plaintiff and defendant need to follow to present or defend a claim in small claims court. OCP-600 9/14 PDF

Telemarketing Registration

Title Description Form Number  Date Format
Telemarketing Registration Application Used by businesses wishing to conduct telemarketing in Montana to apply for approval from the department; must be renewed annually. OCP-400 9/14 PDF | Word
Surety Bond Form Used by businesses to show proof of required $50,000 surety bond; must accompany Telemarketing Registration Application and be renewed annually. OCP-401 9/14 PDF | Word