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“The oil and gas industry has existed in Montana for a long time. Recently, however, Montana landowners have experienced increasing interest in their mineral rights, not only from regional outfits, but from large-scale companies”

High prices, demand and improved technology have all contributed to the increased interest. Farmers, ranchers and landowners are working to develop successful strategies to allow resource extraction with minimal effects on the operation of their farms and ranches. But there can be a learning curve when it comes to landowners understanding their rights in this modern era of exploration.

downloadbuttonAs the oil and gas industry evolves and grows in Montana, land and mineral owners should take time to educate themselves on the opportunities that exist. The resources on this site are intended to help landowners navigate the opportunities, while protecting themselves and their property. If done properly, with the appropriate environmental safety measures, the production of oil and gas provides economic benefits to landowners, local communities and the entire state’s economy.

At the Attorney General’s Office, we focus our concern on the Montana landowners, like the farmers and ranchers. We also want to make sure that landowners have a voice if they feel they have been treated in an unfair, abusive or deceptive manner by exploration and development companies or “landmen.” If you believe you have been defrauded or have dealt with an unscrupulous company or landman, please contact the Montana Department of Justice at (406) 444-2026.

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