Montana Department of Justice


The following alerts from the Montana Attorney General's Office are of special interest to consumers:

Date Subject
03/30/2015Tax-Related ID Theft on the Rise
03/18/2015Deceptive Notices from a So-Called "Motor Vehicle Division"
01/26/2015Protect Yourself Against Tax ID Theft
01/13/2015IRS Impersonation Scam
12/03/2014State Warns Montanans of Holiday and Lottery Scams
11/20/2014MHP Phone Scam Alert
10/23/2014Two Phone Scam Alerts
09/08/2014Juror Scam Alert
08/08/2014Consumer Alert: 1.2 Billion Passwords Compromised
05/22/2014eBay Recommends Changing Password
04/14/2014Utility Calls Scam Alert
03/27/2014IRS Caller Scam
03/07/2014Tax Time Scam Alert
02/13/2014Microsoft Scam Alert
12/23/2013Consumer Protection Tips