Daines, Fox Continue ‘Brawl of the Wild’ Rivalry

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Daines, Fox Continue ‘Brawl of the Wild’ Rivalry

For the fifth straight year, Montana Attorney General Tim Fox and Montana’s U.S. Senator Steve Daines continue their ‘Brawl of the Wild’ wager for the University of Montana – Montana State University football game. The Bobcats (4-6) and Grizzlies (7-3) clash this Saturday at Bobcat Stadium in Bozeman.

The terms of this year’s bet: the loser will sport the colors of the winning team and record a video, congratulating them. The loser will share the video on Twitter and Facebook.

While Fox won the bet the first three years in a row, the Bobcats’ victory last year puts the pressure on for a Griz “W.”

“Although the rivalry between us has been a bit rough on the Senator, I was able to convince him to keep the wager alive after the Cats finally scored a victory last season following a three-year drought,” Fox said. “I hope Steve held on to the nice Griz shirt I gave him a few years back as a prize for one of his three losses. He’s going to need it.”

Daines added, “As Attorney General Fox had to learn the hard way last year, we call it Cat-Griz for a reason. I look forward to celebrating the win at an electric Bobcat Stadium this weekend and keeping the Great Divide Trophy in Bozeman for another year. I know Attorney General Fox already has a nice Blue and Gold ball cap – I encourage him to wear it in the video he’ll be sending my way after Saturday’s game.”

Senator Daines graduated from Montana State University in 1984 with a degree in chemical engineering. Attorney General Fox graduated from the University of Montana in 1981 with a degree in geology and in 1987 with a law degree.

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