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A driving record is a collection of information maintained by MVD

Your driving record is data compiled throughout your lifetime as a driver and after

A record consists of information compiled in five major categories: personal history information, licensing information, conviction/accident history, driver license sanctions, motor vehicle accident history

Your record covers the examination process; denial or issuance; revocation, suspension or cancellation of a license; driver performance; and any other action taken in response to unsafe driver performance or other legal requirements

Your record also contains changes in legislation, computer systems, data sources, court cases, and judicial rulings, all which affect the appearance and information included in your record

A “History not on file” notation may be temporarily placed on your driving record to indicate that information has not yet been entered into the Motor Vehicle Division database

Once the information is entered in the system, the notation is removed from your driving record

Check the status of your Montana driver license by calling 406-444-3933

§ 33-18-210(9), MCA and § 61-5-208, MCA restrict how some aspects of a driving record may be used:

  • While convictions older than three years may not affect your insurance rates, convictions for second or subsequent DUI will affect your record for five years between the date of the prior offense and the most recent offense
  • Conviction points remain on a driving record for three years from the conviction date. While the points are removed after three years, the convictions become a permanent part of a driving record
  • Completing a defensive driving class does not remove points from a driving record
  • If Montana drivers are convicted of a driving offense in another state, those convictions appear on their Montana driving records
  • If a driver with an out-of-state license is convicted of a driving offense in Montana, the conviction record is sent to the state in which the driver is licensed
  • All of the information on your motor vehicle record remains part of your permanent driving record
  • From year to year and from state to state, your driving record stays with you

For additional details, read Guide to Understanding the Montana Driving Record or call the Montana Motor Vehicle Division Customer Service Center at (406) 444-3933.

How to Request a Driving Record

Note: If you request more than a few records, they may not be available on the same day you request them.


For individuals:

    • Go to Driver History Records Service and click on the “Public User” button.
    • To continue, you must accept the Intended Use Statement, certifying that you will use the information only for allowed purposes.
    • You also need:
      • a valid credit card to pay the $7.87 fee for each record requested.
      • a printer to print the record.
    • When you use the online service, the record is provided in an electronic format as soon as you complete the transaction. You will need to print the record immediately after you complete the transaction. The record is not mailed to you and it cannot be saved or copied from the electronic file.

For businesses such as insurance agencies and trucking companies that request large numbers of driving records:

      • Become a registered user and complete a Registered User Agreement stating that you will use this information only for allowed purposes by contacting (406) 285-8280 or [email protected].
      • Access Driver History Records Service on mt.gov, enter your username and password, and conduct your search.
      • You will then be billed $7.87 fee for each record.
In Person
      1. Complete a Release of Driving Records (Form 34-0100) for each record requested, providing the full name, date of birth and license number of the driver.
      2. Bring the form to: Motor Vehicle Division Office, Scott Hart Building, Second Floor, 302 N. Roberts, Helena
      3. Pay the $4.12 fee for each record requested – check or money order only (U.S. funds). Credit cards are not accepted.
By Mail
      1. Complete a Release of Driving Records (Form 34-0100) for each record requested, providing the full name, date of birth and license number of the driver.
      2. In addition to the form, be sure to enclose:
        • the $4.12 fee for each record requested – check or money order only (U.S. funds). Credit cards are not accepted.
        • a stamped, self-addressed envelope

        (Alternately, if you would like the record sent via fax, enclose an additional $3.09 for each record and do not send a self-addressed envelope.)

      3. Mail the required information and fee to: Motor Vehicle Division, P.O. Box 201430, Helena, MT 59620-1430

Who Can See a Montana Driving Record?

Under Montana law, a Montana driving record may be released upon request as authorized in accordance with the Montana Driver Privacy Protection Act and a completed Release of Driving Records (Form 34-0100). For more information, see Guide to Understanding the Montana Driving Record.

Myth vs Reality

Myth – Once three years pass with no new traffic violations, a driver has a “clean” driving record.
– Traffic convictions stay on your driving record for life.

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