CDL Medical Certification

Commercial Driver License Medical Certification Requirements

Keep Your MEC Current!

Commercial drivers must maintain a valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate (MEC) on their Montana driving record

If you don’t maintain a current MEC with the MVD, your commercial driver license will be downgraded to a standard license

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You must provide a copy of your new MEC to the Montana Motor Vehicle Division prior to the expiration of your current certificate. Do not count on your medical provider or employer to submit your MEC.  Please mail or fax a legible copy of your MEC to the Montana Motor Vehicle Division.

Motor Vehicle Division
Attn: CDL Help Desk
P.O. Box 201430
Helena MT 59620-1430

[email protected]


For more information, call the CDL Help Desk at 406-444-3244.

Important Requirement Update

As of May 21, 2014, all physical examinations to obtain a Medical Examiner’s Certificate (formally known as a DOT card) must be performed by a medical professional listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners, per 49 CFR § 391.43.

Determining Your Type of Self-Certification

Do you have a Montana Interstate commercial driver license or an Intrastate (Montana-Only) commercial driver license?



If you have a Montana Intrastate commercial driver license, under Montana state law your only option is to self-certify as Intrastate Non-Excepted.

If you have a Montana Interstate commercial driver license you have two options:

Option 1:  You may self-certify as Interstate Non-Excepted (90% of Montana commercial drivers are non-excepted).


Option 2:  You may self-certify as Interstate Excepted IF you drive a CMV exclusively in one of the following activities:

  • As federal, state, or local government employees;
  • To transport human corpses or sick or injured persons;
  • Fire truck or rescue vehicle drivers during emergencies and other related activities;
  • Primarily in the transportation of propane winter heating fuel when responding to an emergency condition requiring immediate response, such as damage to a propane gas system after a storm or flooding;
  • In response to a pipeline emergency condition requiring immediate response, such as a pipeline leak or rupture;
  • In custom harvesting on a farm or to transport farm machinery and supplies used in the custom harvesting operation to and from a farm, or to transport custom-harvested crops to storage or market;
  • Beekeeper in the seasonal transportation of bees;
  • Controlled and operated by a farmer, but is not a combination vehicle (power unit and towed unit), and is used to transport agricultural products, farm machinery or farm supplies (no placarded hazardous materials) to and from a farm and within 150 air-miles of the farm;
  • As a private motor carrier of passengers for nonbusiness purposes; or
  • To transport migrant workers.

If you believe you qualify for excepted status, check with your employer before self-certifying as excepted. Some employers still require their drivers to be medically qualified and self-certify as non-excepted.

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