Online Services

All of MVD’s online applications available in one easy-to-use list.

A new REAL ID endorsement requires an in-person visit to an exam station and cannot be processed Online.

Online Driver License Renewal & Status Check Service 

To renew your driver license online, click here

To renew your driver license by mail, follow the instructions found here

Available for anyone not changing their legal name or adding a veteran designation. Adding REAL ID endorsement is not available online.

Check status of a license at any time

Renew standard or commercial licenses

Appointment Scheduler

Most transactions require an appointment

Driver license stations are very busy

Written and road tests require separate appointments

You must pass all written tests before scheduling your road test

Commercial driver applicants must hold their learner’s license for 14 days after passing the written test(s) before taking the road test

Download MVD’s Practice Test App on Google Play

Answer up to 37 randomly generated, multiple choice questions relating to the Montana Driver Manual

See the list of all questions, the correct answers, and your answers at the end of the test

Retake the same test over or generate a new one

Online Registration Renewal

Renew your registration online today

If your name, address, and/or county has changed or you no longer live in Montana, you must renew your registration at your local County Treasurer’s office

If you now qualify for exemptions, you must renew your registration at your local County Treasurer’s office to add exemptions

Driver History Search

Get your driving record

Request someone else's driving record

Must be connected to printer to print record

Records cannot be saved on computers or mobile devices

Vehicle Search

Get your vehicle record(s)

Get someone else’s vehicle record(s)

Specific legal reasons required to obtain another person’s vehicle record(s)

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