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Military Services

Add a veteran designation to a driver license or ID card

Driver license expiration exemption for active duty military

Waivers for vehicle services and licenses available for active-duty military


Q&As covering the implementation of REAL ID in Montana

Q&As covering driver licensing, ID cards, &testing

Q&As covering titles, registration, & license plates

Contact Us

Our chat-assisted bot, CAMI, is available 24/7 to collect your remarks

View all public phone numbers for MVD and its bureaus

View all physical and mailing addresses for MVD and its bureaus

MVD by the Numbers

View the amount of fees collected through various outlets

View specialty plate fees collected by organization

View numbers on driving incidents, fatality statistics, and DUIs provided by MHP


View MVD Headquarter’s physical address

View all county treasurer office locations in Montana

View all driver license stations locations & hours in Montana

VIN Inspections

Get information on the different types of VIN inspections

View a map of available Stage 3 VIN inspection locations

View numbers to call to schedule a Stage 3 VIN inspection

Insurance (MTIVS)

Information related to law requiring liability insurance on motor vehicles

Explanation of MTIVS used by MHP to electronically verify proof of insurance in traffic stops

View FAQs related to MTIVS and insurance considerations in Montana

Other Resources

A list of links to outside resources associated with MVD


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