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SAKI e-Learning courses

Please find e-learning courses and scripts below.

Course Script
FREPP (video link)PDF
Intro to SAK Tracking System (video link)PDF
Using the SAK Tracking System (video link)PDF
Montana Sexual Assault Kit (video link)PDF
Public Policy (video link)PDF
Victim-Centered Response (video link)PDF
Coordinated Community Response (video link)PDF
Legal Considerations (video link)PDF
Introduction to the SAK Tracking System - Law Enforcement (video link)PDF
Using the SAK Tracking System - Law Enforcement (video link)PDF
Introduction to Investigating Sexual Assault (video link)PDF
Initial Contact and Rapport Building (video link)PDF
Preparing for a Sexual Assault Response  (video link)PDF
Secondary Trauma (video link)PDF
Survivor Trauma (video link)PDF
Survivor Centered Interview (video link)PDF
Crime Scene Management (video link)PDF
Digital Evidence (video link)PDF

Crime Lab (video link)(video link 2)

Trial and Testimony (video link)PDF
Adult Protective Services (video link)PDF
Evidence Collection (video link)PDF
Report Writing (video link)PDF
Documentation (video link)PDF
Case Submission (video link)PDF
Forensic Genetic Genealogy (video link)PDF
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