Episode 5 of “The People’s Lawyer” Podcast Available Today

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Episode 5 of “The People’s Lawyer” Podcast Available Today

The fifth episode of Attorney General Tim Fox’s “The People’s Lawyer” podcast was released today, featuring an interview between Fox and Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum.

Rosenblum, a former prosecutor and judge, talks about how her experiences in those roles impacted her perspective on the duties of attorney general. Fox and Rosenblum also examine the important role attorneys general can play in addressing the student loan crisis in our country. “General Rosenblum recently spearheaded legislation in Oregon to pass a Student Loan Bill of Rights,” Attorney General Tim Fox said. “We’ll hear updates on her efforts to protect student borrowers from misleading and deceptive student loan practices in Oregon and nationwide. Our discussion is especially timely as college students head back to their studies this week, whether that means on-line instruction or in an actual campus environment,” Fox added.

The bi-weekly podcast is produced by NAAG, of which Fox is president. A total of eleven episodes will run approximately 30 minutes in length; nine will take the form of a conversation between Fox and his guests. Future episodes will address topics such as why careers in public service matter, consumer protection, the importance of government transparency, and a myriad of other issues that face states attorneys general. “The People’s Lawyer” is available for free download through Podbean and several other major streaming services. Episodes are also available on the Montana Department of Justice’s website.

Fox was elected president of NAAG on December 9, 2019. The organization was founded in 1907 to help attorneys general fulfill the responsibilities of their office and to assist in the delivery of high-quality legal services to the states and territorial jurisdictions.

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