Fox Files Amicus Brief in Support of Kootenai Forest Management Project

kootenai national forest

Fox Files Amicus Brief in Support of Kootenai Forest Management Project

Montana Attorney General Tim Fox has filed an amicus brief against a group attempting to stop the East Reservoir forest management project in northwest Montana. The project will improve the health of that forest and help protect an important watershed from wildfire damage. In May, Alliance for the Wild Rockies sued in federal court to stop the project.

“The state of Montana believes the East Reservoir Project should proceed,” Fox said. “It is a carefully designed effort to safeguard and improve the health of over 90,000 acres of forest land within the Kootenai National Forest. It is the product of careful design and review, significant stakeholder collaboration, and it advances multiple important interests of the citizens of Lincoln County and Montana.”

In 2014, Fox filed an amicus brief in a similar case where a group sued to stop a forest management project that will protect the Chessman Reservoir. The reservoir provides fresh water to residents of Helena. Judge Christensen agreed with Montana’s position and rejected the lawsuit.

The Attorney General’s Office filed the amicus brief in Missoula federal district court.


State’s amicus brief

Affidavit from Robert Harrington, Forestry Division administrator, Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation

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