Governor Signs Attorney General Fox’s Bill Criminalizing Designer Drugs

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Governor Signs Attorney General Fox’s Bill Criminalizing Designer Drugs

This afternoon, Governor Steve Bullock signed Attorney General Tim Fox’s bill criminalizing the manufacturing, distribution, sale, and possession of designer drugs labeled as “bath salts” or “Spice” in Montana.

Previously, new drugs such as “bath salts” or “Spice” that mimic dangerous, illegal drugs were not designated as unlawful in statute.  Bath salts can cause life-threatening harm to those who ingest them. House Bill 140, sponsored by Rep. Tom Berry (R-Colstrip) at the request of Attorney General Fox, will classify these drug compounds as illegal under Montana law. The bill received overwhelming bi-partisan support in the Legislature.

Attorney General Tim Fox said, “This new legislation will give Montana’s law enforcement officers the ability to address the proliferation of designer drugs like bath salts and Spice and help us keep our state’s families safe.” 

He added, “I want to thank Governor Bullock for his commitment to keeping dangerous drugs out of Montana, Representative Tom Berry for carrying this important legislation on behalf of our office, our State Crime Lab personnel for their assistance in developing the bill, and the Montana Legislature for its overwhelming support of the bill.”

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