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Trooper Mackenzie Gifford

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March is Women’s History Month- a time in which we celebrate and recognize the achievements and contributions of women in our society. The Montana Highway Patrol is fortunate to employ some wonderful women who serve their communities with pride and distinction in the typically male-dominated field of law enforcement. Each week throughout the month of March, we will be featuring a profile of some of these remarkable women of the Montana Highway Patrol.


Name: Trooper Mackenzie Gifford

Station Assignment: Townsend, MT.


Specialized Training/ Education:

Drug Recognition Expert, Field Training Officer.


Why did you choose a career in law enforcement?

For the opportunity to be able to make a positive impact in someone’s life, like an officer did for me so many years ago.


What would you say to a woman considering a career in law enforcement?

Being a woman in Law Enforcement is very unique. We offer a different perspective when it comes to protecting and serving and handling conflict.


What is your proudest accomplishment as a state trooper?

Being able to be a part of the Field Training Program. I take great pride helping new Troopers successfully complete FTO and become proactive and productive partners on the road.


Anything else you would like people to know about being a woman in law enforcement?

Being a woman in law enforcement is the most rewarding opportunity I have had. I am able to go out every day and interact with so many people, bringing the “human” side of being a law enforcement officer to light. As a woman in law enforcement you become a role model and have the ability to positively impact those who you don’t know are watching.

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