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Trooper Taylor Gagnon

gagnon taylor smiling 02 28 2019

March is Women’s History Month- a time in which we celebrate and recognize the achievements and contributions of women in our society. The Montana Highway Patrol is fortunate to employ some wonderful women who serve their communities with pride and distinction in the typically male-dominated field of law enforcement. Each week throughout the month of March, we will be featuring a profile of some of these remarkable women of the Montana Highway Patrol.


Name: Trooper Taylor Gagnon
Station Assignment: Missoula, MT.


Specialized Training/ Collateral Duties:

Recruiter, Background Investigator, Tow Truck Inspector, Social Media Trooper, ARIDE


Why did you choose a career in law enforcement?

It’s hard to narrow it down to one reason, but I’ve always been very purpose driven and this career can have a very meaningful impact on people’s lives – I enjoy being a part of that. I’ve also always admired the camaraderie in the first responder world as well as getting to work with like-minded individuals.


What would you say to a woman considering a career in law enforcement?

This is an incredible career choice for both men and women. There’s no denying that being a law enforcement officer can be physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding at times. With that being said, women are highly capable of conquering the challenges that may be experienced in this career. You may come across people that think otherwise, but do not let that deter you from pursuing a career in law enforcement. Women play a vital role in this field.


What is your proudest accomplishment as a state trooper?

It’s an ongoing accomplishment- being able to be a part of strengthening old and building new bonds between law enforcement and communities. It’s extremely important for communities to be able to trust law enforcement and I take pride in preserving that trust.

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