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Recruitment: Trooper Testimonials

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Next Trooper recruitment will be February 2023 for the September 2023 Academy Class.    

Trooper Testimonials

Sgt. Lacie L. Wickum

“When I applied for the Montana Highway Patrol, I had no idea I’d have the opportunities the Patrol would have in store for me. I applied when I was finishing up my criminal justice degree at Spokane Community College and started the academy in Helena, Montana, shortly after. I’ve now been on the patrol for 10 years and have enjoyed the many opportunities the department has offered me:  Firearms Instructor, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Instructor, Camp Commander for MHP Academy, 24/7 Sobriety Program Coordinator for the state, served on the hiring/recruiting team, Alcohol Enforcement Team Coordinator, Deadly Encounters Team Instructor, promotion to Sergeant and much more.

Every day can offer a new challenge and experience I would never have had, had I joined a different department. The freedom to travel about the state, protecting and serving the motoring public is an honor and I look forward to doing so with integrity and respect.”

Trooper Barbara Armstrong

For Trooper Barbara Armstrong, a career with the Patrol allows her freedom to travel the state and help the public in a positive way, whether it is changing a tire for a motorist or arresting a driver that is under the influence.   For her the most rewarding aspect of the career is being able to help people in a positive way as they travel through our State, especially those that truly need help and are not breaking a law.  It is very rewarding to be in a positive light and educating the motoring public in the laws and ways of the State of Montana.   The Patrol is well trained and offers the potential to work anywhere in the state, and the career can take a person in almost any direction they want to go.

Sgt. Derek Werner

Captain Derek Werner reports he chose a career with the Patrol because he wanted to help people in our state and wanted to work where he was raised.   The professionalism and reputation of the Patrol was an incentive for him to apply.

Further Information

For additional information or to be placed on the recruitment mailing list, please contact the Patrol Recruitment Office:

Email: MHP Recruitment or Text us at (877) 8-PATROL toll free, or call us locally at (406) 444-3259

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