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Restoration Planning Guidance

In 1999, the UCFRB Restoration Fund was established with money recovered by the State of Montana in its 1999 partial settlement of the natural resource damage lawsuit, Montana v. Atlantic Richfield Company. Between 2000 and 2011, the Montana Natural Resource Damage Program administered an annual restoration grants process funded by interest proceeds of the UCFRB Restoration Fund. As of December 2010, the Governor approved 121 grant projects for $112 million total.

In 2011, the grants process was put on hold pending consideration by the Trustee Restoration Council and Governor of changes recommended by the Advisory Council that would significantly alter the annual grant cycle process set forth in the UCFRB Restoration Plan Procedures and Criteria. In August 2011, the Trustee Restoration Council revised the Advisory Council’s proposed change, which was then the subject of public comment. In December 2011, Governor Schweitzer approved the Trustee Restoration Council’s final recommendations regarding programmatic changes that are reflected in the 2011 Final Upper Clark Fork River Basin Long Range Priorities and Fund Allocation Guidance Plan.  In May 2012, the Governor approved a Final UCFRB Restoration Process Plan that describes the new process the State will use to develop restoration plans and fund restoration projects in the UCFRB with the estimated $110 million remaining from the 1999 settlement.

The NRDP funding program is currently in transition.  The following guidance documents associated with the past annual grants program offer information that may be applicable to the future restoration plans that will be produced based on the final interim process plan approved by the Governor.