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NRDP Sites

PictureSite NameDescription
Upper Clark Fork River Basin (UCFRB)Upper Clark Fork River Basin (UCFRB)Restoration of groundwater, aquatic, and terrestrial resources in the Upper Clark Fork River Basin.
Clark Fork River Racetrack SiteClark Fork River Operable UnitRestoration actions to address aquatic and terrestrial injuries associated with mining and smelting activities in Butte and Anaconda.
Milltown Site ImageMilltownThe restoration of the Clark Fork and Blackfoot Rivers near the former Milltown Dam was completed to address groundwater and aquatic injuries.
2015 Yellowstone River Oil SpillBridger Yellowstone River 2015 Oil SpillOn January 17, 2015, the Poplar Pipeline discharged at least 30,000 gallons of Bakken crude oil into the Yellowstone River just upstream of Glendive, MT.
2011 Yellowstone River Oil Spill2011 Yellowstone River Oil SpillNRDP is working on restoring terrestrial and riparian wildlife habitat, riverine habitat, large woody debris piles, and recreation opportunities affected by the July 1, 2011, crude oil pipeline rupture near Laurel, MT.
East Helena Site East HelenaNRDP is preparing a restoration plan to restore groundwater, surface water, and recreational resources at this former ASARCO lead smelter site.
Upper Blackfoot SiteUpper BlackfootThe removal of the aging Mike Horse Dam and the contaminated tailings behind it, and the clean up and restoration of the Upper Blackfoot River and Mining Complex.
Smurfit Stone Site ImageSmurfit-Stone/Frenchtown Mill SiteThis former paper mill site is located on the Clark Fork River near Frenchtown, Montana. NRDP is currently working with other stakeholders including other State agencies, USFWS, FS and the Tribes to evaluate potential damages to natural resources.
Butte Area One Night ImageButte Area One (BAO)Restoration of groundwater, aquatic, and terrestrial resources in the Butte area, as well as the Parrot Smelter Site clean up, Butte Hill revegetation, and Butte small projects.
Anaconda NRDP SiteAnacondaThe Anaconda Smelter injured upland wildlife habitat and groundwater. Remedy and restoration of upland areas began in 2010 and is ongoing.
Silver Bow Creek Site in ButteSilver Bow CreekDue to mining operations in Butte, MT, Silver Bow Creek was declared a Superfund site in 1983. This site consists of 26 miles of stream and streamside habitat which was remediated and restored between 2000 and 2015. A recreation trail is being constructed along the SBC corridor which should be completed by 2021.
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