Legislature Passes Attorney General Fox’s Opioid Abuse Bill

Attorney General Tim Fox issued the following statement after the Montana Senate passed House Bill 86 this afternoon:

“In passing House Bill 86, the Montana legislature has taken a significant step forward in addressing opioid addiction. Medical research has found that an opioid addiction can develop in just a few days, which is why my bill limits first-time prescriptions to no more than seven days. The bill also combats the doctor-shopping that feeds addiction by requiring  physicians to utilize Montana’s prescription drug registry. I am grateful to the legislators, physicians, hospitals, and others who supported this legislation and worked to get it passed.”

House Bill 86:

  • Protects the legitimate use of prescription painkillers under the close supervision of a physician.
  • Restricts “opioid-naive” patients to a seven-day supply of an opioid medication (an opioid-naive patient is one who has not been prescribed a drug containing an opioid in the last 90 days). There are certain exceptions.
  • Requires physicians to check a patient’s history in Montana’s prescription drug registry before issuing an opioid or benzodiazepine prescription. There are certain exceptions.
  • Requires pharmacies to positively verify the identity of a recipient before filling an opioid prescription.