MLEA Announces Partnership with Missoula College-UM


MLEA Announces Partnership with Missoula College-UM

The Montana Law Enforcement Academy (MLEA) and Missoula College-University of Montana today announced a joint partnership that will allow officers graduating from basic training to earn 18 college credits that directly transfer to Missoula College.

“We’re excited about this unique partnership between our Academy’s Law Enforcement Officer Basic course and the Missoula College-University of Montana’s Associate of Arts Degree with a focus in Fundamentals of Police Science,” Attorney General Tim Fox said. “This agreement creates a bridge by providing graduating basic course students with the opportunity to receive 18 of the 60 credits needed to receive an associate’s degree, and it’s my hope all eligible new officers will take advantage of this opportunity to obtain a college degree.”

The normal cost of the 18 Missoula College-UM college credits is $1192.80; under this new partnership, MLEA basic course graduates who do not already have a college degree transfer directly into the Missoula College at no cost to them. Missoula College Dean Shannon O’Brien said, “These types of partnerships ensure that our communities are safe with well-educated officers while offering boundless opportunities for these officers by setting them on a path for continued success.”

Glen Stinar, MLEA Administrator said, “This is great for our new class of officers that started on Monday, as well as future classes here at the Academy. Continuing education should be a part of a law enforcement officer’s career. We intend to encourage graduates of our twelve-week basic law enforcement program to consider post-secondary educational opportunities as part of their career management strategy. This partnership gives them a head start down that path.”

Operated by the Montana Department of Justice, the Montana Law Enforcement Academy is the premier law enforcement and public safety educational and training institution for state, county, city and tribal officers throughout the state. The academy offers entry-level (basic) programs and advanced training through an array of professional development programs. For more information, visit:

Missoula College – University of Montana is the two-year college of the University of Montana, located in Missoula. The college became part of the University of Montana in 1994, and offers 35 programs including career, transfer, and technical programs. Learn more at:

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