Montana Highway Patrol Commissions 10 New Troopers

Montana Highway Patrol Commissions 10 New Troopers

The Montana Highway Patrol commissioned 10 new troopers today at the 58th Advanced Academy Graduation ceremony. Attorney General Fox addressed the graduates at the event, which took place at the Colonial Inn in Helena.

In his remarks, Attorney General Tim Fox emphasized the importance of character to those who choose a career in law enforcement, telling the graduates, “You’ll undoubtedly be faced with many important choices in your careers from here forward.  Many of those decisions will be easy to make, but there will be some tough ones, too.  In each person’s life, there are many things over which we have little or no control.  But what we do with our character is completely up to us.”

At the ceremony, four awards were presented:

Physical Fitness Award: Matthew Zellers
Awarded for exemplary standards during the physical fitness curriculum in the 58th MHP Academy.

The Michael Haynes Memorial Grant: Timothy Templeton
Awarded in loving memory of Trooper Michael W. Haynes (MHP 159, end of watch: March 27, 2009).

Academic Award: Joel Gramm
Awarded for exemplary standards during the academic curriculum in the 58th MHP Academy.

Camp Commander Award: Barbara Biggers
Awarded for exemplary standards and performance observed by the Camp Commanders in the 58th MHP Academy.

Members of the 58th academy class include:

Barbara Biggers  
Initial station:  Columbus
Hometown:  Butte

Nathaniel Boespflug 
Initial station:  Billings
Hometown:  Libby

Jason Fredenberg 
Initial station:  Ryegate
Hometown:  Kalispell

Joel Gramm
Initial station:  Glendive
Hometown:  Glendive

Renee Grimsrud
Initial station:  Harlowton
Hometown:  Jefferson City

Daniel Schuler 
Initial station:  Billings
Hometown:  Billings

Edward Tanzosh 
Initial station:  Billings
Hometown:  Anchorage, Alaska

Timothy Templeton
Initial station:  Superior
Hometown:  Missoula

Alexander Velasquez
Initial station:  Terry
Hometown:  Naples, Florida

Matthew Zellers
Initial station:  Broadus
Hometown:  Red Lion, Pennsylvania

Any media interested in publishing a photo of a specific trooper should contact John Barnes at (406) 444-2031 to obtain a print- or web-resolution image.

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