Montana Highway Patrol Commissions Nine New Troopers

The Montana Highway Patrol commissioned nine new troopers today at the 62nd  Advanced Academy Graduation ceremony.  Supreme Court Justice Beth Baker addressed the graduates at the event, which took place at the Radisson Colonial Hotel in Helena.

In her remarks, Justice Baker reminded the new troopers of the important role they will play in the justice system.  “Our citizens must know that their justice system provides a fair, independent, and unbiased process for safeguarding their rights and upholding the law without favor or prejudice.  As law enforcement officers, you are the first face of the rule of law,“ Justice Baker said.

At the ceremony, four awards were presented:

Physical Fitness Award
Trevor Karsh
Awarded for exemplary standards during the physical fitness curriculum in the 62nd MHP Academy.

The Michael Haynes Memorial Grant
End of Watch:  March 27, 2009
This grant is presented to:  Brennan J. Boots
This award was presented in loving memory of Trooper Michael W. Haynes – MHP 159 by his wife, Tawny Haynes Norton.

Academic Award
Brennan Boots
Awarded for exemplary standards during the academic curriculum in the 62nd MHP Academy.

Camp Commander Award
Jordan Kost
Awarded for exemplary standards and performance observed by the Camp Commanders in the 62nd MHP Academy.

Members of the 62nd Academy class include:

Wayne Bieber     
Hometown:  Kalispell, Montana
Initial Station:  Polson

Tristan Blackman 
Hometown:  Medford, Oregon
Initial Station:   Billings

Brennan Boots  
Hometown:  Harlowton, Montana
Initial Station:  Harlowton

Christopher Graef   
Hometown:  Missoula, Montana
Initial Station:  Superior

David Hankins 
Hometown:  San Bernardino, California
Initial Station:  Billings

Trevor Karsh  
Hometown:  Alpine, California
Initial Station:  Culbertson

Jordan Kost   
Hometown:  Missoula, Montana
Initial Station:  Superior

Brett Riesinger 
Hometown:  Park City, Montana
Initial Station:  Columbus

Brody Shields  
Hometown:  Butte, Montana
Initial Station:  Big Timber

On a related note, the Montana Highway Patrol will begin accepting applications for ten open Trooper positions.  Interested individuals are encouraged to visit MHP’s website for further details and application instructions when the following link is made active on September 11:  For more information about the Trooper selection process and requirements, contact MHP at 1-(877) 8-PATROL toll-free or (406) 444-3259.