Montana Solicitor General to Argue before U.S. Supreme Court

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Montana Solicitor General to Argue before U.S. Supreme Court

Montana Solicitor General Dale Schowengerdt will argue before the United States Supreme Court on Monday, March 28. Schowengerdt, who serves on the staff of Attorney General Tim Fox, will be arguing on behalf of the State of Montana in the case Betterman v. Montana.

A summary and background of Betterman v. Montana are available online: The central issue in the case is whether the Sixth Amendment’s Speedy Trial Clause applies to the sentencing phase of a criminal prosecution.

“It’s a great honor to argue before the nation’s highest court, and even more so to be there on behalf of the state of Montana,” Schowengerdt said.

“I’m proud of Dale and I know he has invested a tremendous amount of effort in preparing for his argument on an important constitutional question,” Attorney General Fox said. “This is the kind of situation for which it is difficult to over-prepare, given that you have eight justices who can bring a broad range of questions based on their unique backgrounds and experiences. An attorney presenting an oral argument must know the case inside and out, but must also anticipate and respond appropriately to tough questions.”

Montana Assistant Attorneys General Mark Fowler, Jonathan Krauss, and Tammy Hinderman have also devoted a considerable amount of time to the Betterman case and to preparations for Monday’s oral arguments.

A print-quality portrait of Solicitor General Schowengerdt is available for download here:

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