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March 22, 2012

MVD Unveils New Format for Vehicle Registration Renewal Notices

Motor Vehicle Division Administrator Brenda Nordlund on Thursday announced that, beginning the first week of April, the annual notices the division sends to remind Montanans that their vehicle registration is due will have a new look.

The renewal notice has been a 4¼-by-5½ inch postcard with tiny lettering and several fields of hard-to-decipher vehicle codes. The improved design will be mailed as an 8½-by-11 inch, pressure-sealed, tri-fold notice. The font is larger and the vehicle and fee information is presented in tables.  Additional space is available for printing vehicle-specific alerts and MVD news (for example, when new license plates are available).  On the reverse side, a panel promotes MVD online services.

During the design phase, the MVD solicited feedback from county treasurer office staff throughout the state. An example of the new notice can be viewed by going online to and clicking the image on the Vehicle Title and Registration page.

“The larger size and new layout are easier for customers to read. Plus the added space gives MVD the ability to provide information specific to that vehicle – such as whether permanent registration is an option due to that particular vehicle’s age – and to convey pertinent information to vehicle owners generally,” Nordlund said of the new format.

Owners will continue to mail their notices and payments to their county treasurer, visit their treasurer’s office in person, or go online to renew their vehicle registration at

The Motor Vehicle Division mails an average of 70,000 vehicle registration renewal notices a month.