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POST Resolutions

POST Resolutions

Resolution Setting Preferred Method of Hearings-11-004 (PDF)

Resolution Setting Minimum Hours of Training-11-001 (PDF)

Resolution Requiring Annual Firearms Qualification-10-003 (PDF)

Resolution Including In-Service Training Category-10-001 (PDF)

Resolution Setting Content of POST Approved Lesson Plans-09-002 (PDF)

Resolution Requiring Basic Course Attendance-09-001 (PDF)

Resolution Setting Requirements for Reserve Officers-08-002 (PDF)

Resolution Adding Additional Training Categories-08-001(a) (PDF)

Resolution Setting Training Categories-08-001 (PDF)

Proposed Resolutions

Resolution 11-02 is to define exactly what Reserve, Part-time and Full-time designations of public safety officers means.  There is still and ongoing problem with the use of Reserve Officers and the documentation of their required training.  At the August 11, 2011 meeting a motion was made and passed suspending the issuing of Reserve Certificates until this issue is resolved.  Discussion on this issue is ongoing.

Resolution 11-03 is proposing mandatory reporting to POST of any criminal activity by a public safety officer.  The question is at what point should an agency be required to report misconduct to POST for review for possible council actions?  There have been instances where gross misconduct and criminal activity by officers has not been reported and these officers have been allowed to continue working with the agency or allowed to move on to another.  Discussion on this issue is ongoing.

Resolution 11-05 is proposing to set Professional Standards for Montana Public Safety Officers.  This would define what acceptable or unacceptable conduct by our officers is. This may also help identify what, if any, conduct should be mandatory to report under Resolution 11-03.  Discussion on this issue has just begun and is ongoing.