State Warns Montanans of Lottery Scams

State Warns Montanans of Lottery Scams

The Montana Department of Justice and the Montana Lottery are teaming up once again to warn the public about two lottery scams making the rounds on social media, e-mail, and other avenues. The messages claim: “Mega Millions/ Powerball is giving free $1 million jackpot online instantly.”

Montana Lottery Director Angela Wong said, “These online scams are not connected in any way to the real Powerball or Mega Millions games. The only way to play Powerball or Mega Millions and possibly win a prize is to buy your tickets from a state lottery or a licensed lottery retailer. If you don’t buy a ticket from a licensed lottery retailer, you can’t win.”

“Scammers are now incorporating the use of social media into the ways they try to trick the public into falling for one of their scams,” said Attorney General Tim Fox. “Never click on any links associated with online jackpots, whether you see them on Facebook or in an e-mail message, even if they have what appears to be an official-looking name or logo. And as always, never provide any personal or financial information to a scammer, especially your Social Security number, your credit card numbers, or your bank account number.”

The Federal Trade Commission has more information on fake lottery and other scams at To file a complaint or get free information, call toll-free 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357). If you’ve been the victim of a scam, contact your local law enforcement. You may also report scams to the Montana Department of Justice’s Consumer Protection Office at:

E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone Number: 1-800-481-6896 or 406-444-4500
Mail: OCP
PO Box 200151
Helena, MT 59620

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