Field Training Officer Seminar

Field Training Officer Seminar

Kaminsky, Sullenberger & Associates, Inc., are pleased to announce the five-day Field Training Officer Seminar hosted by the Fergus County Sheriff’s Office in
Lewistown, Montana.

Utilizing the San Jose Model, the five-day
Field Training Officer Seminar is designed
for the new FTO and FTO Supervisor.
Topics include:
● Organizational Structure of a Successful Field Training & Evaluation Program

● The Role of Supervision/Management

● The Evaluation Process: Achieving Objectivity

● Evaluation and Documentation Exercises

● Legal, Ethical and Due Process Issues

● Remedial Training Strategies

● Instructional Techniques

● Adult Learning Skills

● Interpersonal Communication: Using Feedback Effectively

● Coaching for Success

● Principals of Human Motivation

●Dealing with Difficult People

● Educational and Behavioral Psychology

To register and for lodging recommendations, contact: Tracy Lewellen at [email protected] or at (406) 535-3415

For more course information, contact: