The Montana Criminal Jury Instruction Commission prepared the 2009 edition of the criminal jury instructions in response to legislative enactments and Supreme Court decisions. The commission formally adopted the following jury instructions and verdict forms on June 23, 2009.

The online format of this edition is designed to lessen the amount of formatting that needs to be done before being offered.

  • The source and comment material is contained on a separate page so it need not be printed when the instructions are being prepared for trial.
  • The bolded language is generally included to denote the need for deletion before printing, and for identification purposes.
  • The instructions were numbered sequentially to avoid the confusion when instruction numbers correspond to statute numbers, and statutory numbers are subsequently changed by legislative enactment.

Counsel should examine each instruction carefully before submitting it in trial to assure the absence of errors in construction or citation.

2017 Supplement to the 2009 Jury Instructions

1-121 (Allen instruction)



2009 Jury Instructions

Chapter and Title                                                                       Format
Memorandum of Montana Criminal Jury Instruction Commission dated July 6, 2009 PDF | Word
Introduction to 2009 Edition of Criminal Jury Instructions PDF | Word
Chapter 1: Preliminary and General Instructions PDF | Word
Chapter 2: Definitions/Principles of Liability PDF | Word
Chapter 3: Justifiable Use of Force PDF | Word
Chapter 4: Inchoate Offenses PDF | Word
Chapter 5: Offenses Against the Person PDF | Word
Chapter 6: Offenses Against Property PDF | Word
Chapter 7: Offenses Against Public Administration PDF | Word
Chapter 8: Offenses Against Public Order PDF | Word
Chapter 9: Dangerous Drugs PDF | Word
Chapter 10: Driving Under the Influence PDF | Word

Verdict Forms

Title                                                                                           Format
Enhancement Verdict PDF | Word
Verdict Forms PDF | Word
Lesser Included Offense Verdict PDF | Word
Lesser Included Offense Verdict – Multiple Offenses PDF | Word