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Special Services Bureau

The Special Services Bureau is an agency-wide initiative at the Montana Department of Justice dedicated to improving how we respond to victims, developing state-of-the-art approaches by keeping up with the newest research, and, most importantly, helping  victims recover and move on with their lives. This effort includes many parts:

  • Montana Child Sexual Abuse Response Team (MCSART): MCSART helps organize teams of professionals who surround a child victim of crime or abuse to ensure the child is treated in a safe, non-victimizing way and that evidence is gathered to bring the child’s assailant to justice. MCSART also provides training for professionals around the state to ensure that all Montana’s child victims receive the same high level of care and that justice prevails.
  • Drug Endangered Children (DEC): We have also partnered with DEC in order to intervene on behalf of drug endangered children by rescuing, defending, sheltering, and supporting them. This website serves as a portal where you will find resources for parents and professionals.
  • Office of the Child and Family Ombudsman (OCFO): Montana’s Ombudsman Program offers citizens concerned about child safety an opportunity to work with agencies and providers across the state who care for children at risk of abuse or neglect.
  • Facility Investigator / Montana Developmental Center: The Residential Facility Investigator for the Montana Department of Justice is responsible for investigating allegations of mistreatment, neglect, abuse, or injury occurring at the Montana Developmental Center (MDC) located in Boulder, Montana.  The Investigator then submits written reports of investigations and findings related to residential facility compliance with laws and standards of care to ensure the efficient and compliant administration of program operations.

Report Child Abuse 1-866-820-5437

We are working hard at the Montana Department of Justice to ensure that the justice system truly serves victims and helps them heal.

Contact the Special Services Bureau

Dana Toole, LCSW
Special Services Bureau Chief
Department of Justice
P.O. Box 201417
Helena, MT 59620-1417

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