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Non-Conviction Removal and Sealing

Non-Conviction Removal Versus Sealing of Criminal History Records

When a criminal history record is sealed per MCA 46-18-204, the public will not have access to it unless ordered by district court upon good cause shown. Certain criminal justice agencies, primarily those listed in MCA 44-5-103, have access to sealed record information in its entirety. When a Non-conviction record has been removed, the record has been deleted from the database and any hard copy information is destroyed.

*Note: After July 1, 2017 CRISS will automatically remove all non-conviction arrest data per MCA 44-5-202 and no Record Removal Form is required.To Request a Non-Conviction Removal:

Prior to requesting a Non-Conviction Removal to your record, please conduct a current Montana public criminal history record check via CHOPRS or mail in request.

If your charges have been Dismissed, Deferred Prosecution-Dismissed, Acquitted, or the charges were dropped or not filed, you need to request the Montana Criminal Records & Identification Services Section (CRISS) to remove all non-convictions and quote MCA 44-5-202 (8b). (Record Removal Form).

If your record is incomplete, CRISS will reach out to the courts to request the information. If we are unable to get the information, it will be your responsibility to contact the court. CRISS must have documentation from the court stating the outcome in order to modify a record.

Once CRISS has the request to remove non-convictions, we will look into your record. You will receive a letter explaining the outcome of the request. This process could take up to 30 days.

To Have Your Record Sealed:

Prior to requesting to have your record sealed, please conduct a current Montana public criminal history record check via CHOPRS or mail in request.

If your charges have a deferred sentence, but the deferred sentence has not been dismissed, you will need to contact the court to request the deferred sentence be dismissed.

Once the Montana Criminal Records and Identification Services Section (CRISS) receives the order to dismiss the charge, the charge will then be a deferred/dismissed sentence. Per MCA 46-18-204, this information will be considered confidential criminal justice, accessible only by law enforcement agencies, including the military and Border Patrol.  Public access to the information may only be obtained by district court order upon good cause shown.

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