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What is the sexual assault kit tracking system?

In October 2019, Montana passed Senate Bill 52. Senate Bill 52 states that “the department of justice shall create, operate, and maintain a statewide sexual assault evidence kit tracking system.” Now, survivors can track their kit status throughout the criminal justice process. To read the Attorney General’s Office sexual assault kit tracking system announcement, please visit SAK Tracking System Memo 

The tracking system meets the following requirements:

  1. Tracks the status of a sexual assault evidence kit from the collection site through the criminal justice process, including the initial collection at a health care facility, inventory and storage by law enforcement agencies, analysis at a crime laboratory, and storage or destruction after completion of analysis;
  2. Allows law enforcement agencies, health care facilities, a crime laboratory, and other entities that receive, maintain, store, or preserve sexual assault evidence kits to update the status and location of the kits; and
  3. A individual can anonymously access the tracking system to track the location and status of the individual’s sexual assault evidence kit.

Who uses the tracking system?

The goal is to give control back to the survivor. Therefore, survivors can anonymously track their kit when they choose. In addition, stakeholders such as medical facilities, law enforcement agencies, and crime laboratories are required by law to utilize the system. For more information about evidence in cases involving sexual offenses, please refer to Montana Code Annotated 46-15-402 through 46-15-412 or visit

How do I learn the status of my kit?

To learn the status of your kit follow the steps below:

  1. Go to  this website: 
  2. Enter Kit ID
  3. Enter your Date of Birth
  4. Click “Search”

You may also contact a local advocate to help you or call (888) 548-5463.

Is there training for medical facilities, law enforcement agencies, or crime laboratories to learn how to use the tracking system?

Yes, the Montana Department of Justice understands the law requires medical facilities, law enforcement agencies, and crime laboratories to utilize the system. Therefore, the SAKI team is dedicated to assisting you with this change and spending the necessary time to train your staff. If you would like to request training, please contact the SAKI Site Coordinator at 406-444-5896 or the DOJ Tracking System Program Manager at 406-444-3993.



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