Montana’s Motor Vehicle Division unveils new driver services system and online services

Montana’s Motor Vehicle Division unveils new driver services system and online services

HELENA – The Montana Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) is preparing to launch a new driver services system on Monday, November 13. The new system will increase the number of services that can be completed online, decrease overall appointment times, and improve the wait times for appointments, getting drivers back on the road quicker. In addition to the upcoming Veterans Day holiday and to aid in the transition, all MVD exam stations will be closed Thursday, November 9 and remote stations will be closed Monday, November 13 through Friday, November 17 (find a full list below).

The new Credentialing and Registration System (CARS) is part of a multi-phase, multi-year effort to improve customer service and efficiency for Montanans at MVD exam stations across the state.  The system will cut the average transaction time from 27 minutes to just ten, more than doubling the number of customers offices can serve each day. As a result, within two months of the launch date, MVD anticipates the time customers must wait for an appointment to decrease from nearly three months to two weeks or less.

“The launch of CARS is a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to enhance efficiency and improve services for Montanans. This innovative system represents a leap forward in customer service, streamlining transactions and reducing wait times, ultimately getting drivers back on the road quicker,” MVD Administrator Laurie Bakri said. “With CARS, we are not just upgrading technology; we are revolutionizing the way Montana Motor Vehicle Division does business as we make Montanans’ experience with MVD more convenient and user-friendly than ever before.”

The new system will make it easy for Montanans to complete a wide array of tasks without leaving the comfort of their home. Whether it’s checking the status of a driving record, renewing a driver license, or uploading documents for a commercial driver license, the new system will guide customers through the process step-by-step. Most of the processes that will still require an in-person appointment can be started at home – saving residents time spent at the MVD.

MVD locations around the state will also look different. Each workstation will be equipped with everything necessary to complete customer transactions from beginning to end – no more going from post-to-post to for pictures and vision testing. Paper forms will be replaced by Clover point-of-sale devices that can gather voter information, organ donation status, and other information. Customers will be able to sign their documents and pay for their transaction on the same device. 

To make way for CARS, the following remote MVD exam stations will be closed Monday, November 13 through Friday, November 17: Baker, Big Timber, Broadus, Chester, Choteau, Circle, Colstrip, Columbus, Conrad, Deer Lodge, Dillon, Forsyth, Fort Benton, Hardin, Harlowton, Lewistown, Livingston, Malta, Philipsburg, Plentywood, Red Lodge, Roundup, Scobey, Shelby, Superior, Thompson Falls, Townsend, Virginia City, and White Sulphur Springs. Customers may experience limited availability of walk-in appointments the week prior to and the week following the technology roll-out.

For up-to-date information on office hours and appointment availability, customers can go to the online appointment scheduler at

The CARS platform is a software solution created in partnership with Fast Enterprises, which has successfully implemented motor vehicle licensing and registrations in 18 other states, following a competitive bid process that MVD began in 2021. Work on CARS officially began in July 2022.

Phase one of the project, online appointment scheduling, was implemented in October 2022. This portion of the project included appointment scheduling to fit each customer’s need, automated appointment reminders, and online check-in. More than 4,000 appointments were scheduled within the first week of launching the new system. MVD customer service reported a 30 percent reduction in calls, and the average no-show rate went from 30 percent to less than 10 percent, creating more appointment availability for Montanans. 

The third phase of CARS, which launches in March 2025, will overhaul the title and registration process, improving functionality for law enforcement, car dealerships, insurance companies, and simplifying county operations.

Click here for a demonstration on how to complete a driver license replacement online using the new CARS system

Click here for a demonstration on how to complete a driver license reinstatement online using the new CARS system.



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