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Opinions – 2016 (Volume 56, Opinions 1-2)

Disclaimer: The Department of Justice expends considerable effort to ensure that the attorney general’s opinions appearing on our website are true copies of the originals on file in our office. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of a printed copy that you did not personally download from the website.

Volume and Opinion Number Opinion Held Date Issued
56-2 The definition of “agent” in Mont. Code Ann. § 44-2-111 does not restrict the persons that the Attorney General may appoint as agents to employees “within the Department of Justice.” 7/1/16
56-1 Public employees on workers compensation leave who are supplementing workers compensation benefits with accrued sick leave pursuant to the terms of a collective bargaining agreement are in a leave-with-pay status for the sick leave hours converted to pay, and are entitled to accrue vacation and sick leave credits on a prorated basis. 1/13/16
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