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Sustainable and systemic change is accomplished through state level legislation. Legislative reform is a necessary and critical aspect for adopting comprehensive best practices for survivors of sexual violence. As leadership and movements shift, legislation can protect and maintain survivor-centered sexual violence reform.

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Recent Sexual Assault Legislation
In October 2019, Montana Legislature passed Senate Bill 52 (SB52). SB52 is a survivor-centered bill that adopts practices to prevent another rape kit backlog. However, this bill is set to sunset or expire in 2023. SB52 is comprised of three (3) areas of reform including:

  1. Statewide uniform Sexual Assault Kit Evidence testing policies and procedures.
  2. Mandated Sexual Assault Kit Evidence tracking with the Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System.
  3. Victim Rights

To read the bill, please visit SB52
To view a diagram of SB52 policies and procedures, please visit Link Coming Soon

Sexual Crimes, Montana Code Annotated (MCA)

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