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Trooper Amanda Villa

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March is Women’s History Month- a time in which we celebrate and recognize the achievements and contributions of women in our society. The Montana Highway Patrol is fortunate to employ some wonderful women who serve their communities with pride and distinction in the typically male-dominated field of law enforcement. Each week throughout the month of March, we will be featuring a profile of some of these remarkable women of the Montana Highway Patrol.


Name: Trooper Amanda Villa

Station Assignment: Helena, MT.


Specialized Training/ Education: THI (Traffic Homicide Investigator), Drone Pilot, FTO (field training officer), Background Investigator, and CIT (crisis intervention training).

Why did you choose a career in law enforcement? I always wanted a career where I could help others, serve my community, and make a difference. I was serving in the Army Reserves overseas and someone recommended that I look into a job with MHP. After researching MHP it seemed to be the perfect fit for me.

What would you say to a woman considering a career in law enforcement?  If you want a job that is community-ordinated, public safety-oriented, and rewarding then law enforcement might be a good fit. If you’re a strong communicator you may be good fit for the career, because most of the job is being able to talk with someone, listen, and respond appropriately. If you have a high level of integrity, are dependable, self-motivated, have sound judgement, and can handle yourself under stress you might be a good fit for the career.


I think the biggest thing for me having a job that meets these values and knowing that the people working with me also share the same values. I think woman have a lot to offer to the career and shouldn’t be afraid to seek out a career in law enforcement.


What is your proudest accomplishment as a state trooper? I have been fortunate enough in my 7 years with MHP to have many opportunities to do great things, such as becoming a THI, FTO, and background investigator. I would say the proudest I have felt to be a trooper is when I see a person I cited for DUI years back and they always come up to me and update me on their sobriety and how my interaction with them helped them change their life around.


Anything else you would like to add? If you have any questions about being a woman in law enforcement, you can hit me up at my MHP twitter account @TrooperAVilla

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