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If you require a copy of the laboratory report, chain of custody, or laboratory submission form, please send inquiries to [email protected].

Individuals can be contacted directly for their curriculum vitae (CV).

Current policies are provided on this website.  If you require archived policies, please contact the Quality Assurance manager at [email protected].

Please send all discovery orders, motions, or subpoena duces tecum to [email protected].  Please send all other requests on letterhead to [email protected].

Each request should include:

  • FSD laboratory case number, autopsy number, or Intoxilyzer serial number (along with date used)
  • Submitting law enforcement agency and case number (if applicable)
  • Recipient name(s) and current email address(es)
  • Specifics of request
  • Law firms, indicate criminal or civil case

Requested documents will be sent either via Montana State File Transfer Service or Montana Department of Justice Large & Secure File Transfer.  You will receive an email when the documents are available for download.

Select the appropriate link to access the following:

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