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Forensic Science Laboratory Advisory Board

The advisory board represents law enforcement, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and other agencies the Crime Lab serves. The board acts in an advisory capacity and is charged with:

  • Providing feedback to the Attorney General and crime lab administration on the work the lab produces;
  • Fostering better communication between user agencies (many of which are represented on the board) and the laboratory, and
  • Suggesting improvements to the lab and its policies and procedures.

The advisory board also acts as the designated body to provide independent external investigations into any allegations of negligence or misconduct that might affect the integrity of the lab’s forensic results.


  • Montana Attorney General – Austin Knudsen
  • District Judge Representative
  • Montana Coroner’s Association Representative – Wynn Meehan/Andy Lebrun
  • Non-Law Enforcement Coroner – Jesse Billquist-Jette
  • Office of the Public Defender Representative – Chad Wright
  • DOJ’s Division of Criminal Investigator Administrator – Bryan Lockerby
  • Montana Sheriff and Peace Officer Association Representative – Scott Van Dyken
  • Montana Association of Chiefs of Police Representative – Wade Nash
  • Montana Department of Correction Representative – Kurt Aughney
  • Montana County Attorney’s Association Representative – Bill Fullbright
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