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Forms (FSD)

The following documents are available to download, fill in, save, and print. You may fill the form in on your computer, save and print the completed form. To save the typed-in text on the PDF form, you must have Adobe Reader 7.03 or later. Follow any instructions carefully.

Forms cannot be submitted online.  Evidence submitted to the Forensic Science Division laboratory will be examined and analyzed in accordance with established laboratory sampling plans and capabilities, utilizing validated methods and instrumentation. Method deviations will be utilized as necessary. As needed, laboratory personnel will contact the submitting agency to clarify requests or obtain additional information to assist in analysis.


TitleDescriptionRevised DateDownloadable Format
Evidence Submission FormUsed to submit evidence for examination to the Chemistry, DNA/Serology, Impression, and/or Firearm/Toolmark Sections.2/20PDF
Chemistry Evidence Submission Form - BillingsUsed to submit Chemistry evidence for examination to the Eastern Crime Lab in Billings, in cases without any other evidence types or requests.2/20PDF
DNA Consumption TemplateUsed by the County Attorney authorizing the possible consumption of certain types of samples submitted for DNA analysis.   Hair samples require this authorization; in the event that other samples require consumption authorization, the laboratory will contact the County Attorney with this request.9/15PDF
DUI/Toxicology Submission FormUsed by law enforcement agencies to submit toxicology evidence for DUI or miscellaneous drug/alcohol analysis.2/20PDF
Urinalysis Toxicology Submission FormUsed by law enforcement agencies to submit toxicology evidence for urine drug/alcohol analysis.2/20PDF
Coroner-ME Toxicology Submission FormUsed by Coroners and Medical Examiners to submit toxicology evidence for drug/alcohol analysis.2/20PDF