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Butte Natural Resource Council

The Butte Natural Resource Damage Restoration Council (BNRC) will provide recommendations to the Governor on how to spend the 28 million dedicated to restoration of the Butte Area One Site through the 2008 Consent Decree.

Council Members

The Council consists of nine members, with six appointed by the Butte-Silver Bow Chief Executive and three appointed by the Governor.

Elizabeth Erickson, Chairperson
Bill Callaghan
Helen Joyce
Ryan Lynch
Mary Jo McDonald
John McKee
Chad Okrusch
Emmett Riordan
Dave Williams

The BNRC meets on an as needed basis. BNRC Meeting Notice

For more information, contact Pat Cunneen at (406) 533-6882 or e-mail at [email protected].

2016 Butte Area One Small Restoration Projects

1 Blacktail Creek Non Point Nutrient Management
2 Blacktail and Basin Creek Watershed Resiliency

3 Alma Higgins Commemerative Competition and Celebration
4 Data Visualization of Upper Silver Bow Creek Corridor

5 Storm Drain Inlet Markers

6 Pilot Program for Cleaning Contaminants fromTailings at Diggings East 

7 Extending Public Outreach of Science Mine’s BNRC Exhibits
8 Evaluate and Design Best Management Practices to Improve Grove Gulch Water Quality

9 Copper Mountain Kids’ Fishing Pond
10 Basin Creek Reservoir Recreational Development 

11 Revegetation of the National Dump Site
12 Bacterial Soil Rejuvenation

13 Assessment of Nitrogen Loading in Silver Bow and Blacktail

14 Pore Water Sampling to Investigate Metals In Blacktail Creek and LAO

15 Microbial Activity in Silver Bow and Blacktail Creeks

16 Shift Change

17 Relationship Between Site Contamination and Revegetation Success

18 Restoration Management System for Projects in BAO 

19 Montana Tech Tree Greenhouse