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File a Non-Profit Organization Complaint

ocp-complaint-formYou may file a complaint if you believe any of the following situations have occurred:

  • Directors/officers/persons are using charitable assets for personal gain
  • The Organization is engaging in deceptive or improper fundraising practices
  • The Organization is engaging in commercial, for-profit business activities
  • Income/assets are being used to support illegal activities
  • The Organization is refusing to disclose or provide a copy of IRS Form 990 or other corporate records

If you suspect criminal activity or wish to complain about embezzlement of charitable funds, contact your County Attorney.

The Office of Consumer Protection cannot act as a personal attorney or provide legal advice.  Complaints pertaining to personal conflicts between board members and/or officers will need to be resolved through private legal representation.

File a Non-Profit Organization Complaint

Download a form to mail or fax to the Office of Consumer Protection

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