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Problem Gambling

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month.

A number of different terms have been applied to problem gambling, including “abuse” and “addiction.” Problem gambling is behavior that damages relationships, runs up large debts, and may lead to criminal activity.

People with gambling problems are found in every demographic group. Behaviors that signal problem gambling include a preoccupation with gambling, a need to gamble with increasing amounts of money, and trying to make up losses by additional gambling.

The 2013 National Survey of Problem Gambling was prepared by Problem Gambling Solutions, Inc. to report multi-purpose data to be used in the efforts of assessing the nature and extent of problem gambling treatment and prevention. According to the survey, in 2012, an estimated 2.2% of Montana adults (17,226 citizens) were believed to manifest a gambling disorder. Of that 2.2%, the Montana Council on Problem Gambling reported 1,243 gamblers and 142 significant others received outpatient treatment.

Problem Gambling Awareness 

March is Problem Gambling Awareness month. To learn more about the reality facing many Montanans, read the 2019 Press Release by the Department of Justice. 

Help is available in many Montana communities.

To find help, call any of the following phone numbers.

  1. Montana Council on Problem Gambling toll free: (888) 552-9076
  2. Montana Council on Problem Gambling’s 24 hour helpline: (888) 900- 9979
  3. Gambler’s Anonymous Billings hotline: (406) 860-8287
  4. Gambler’s Anonymous Helena hotline: (406) 431-1663

Visit the following websites for additional resources.


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