These forms are available to download, fill in, save and print. You may fill the form in on your computer or you may print and fill out the form manually. Forms showing “Apply Online” are readily available on TAP to be filled out and submitted online.

Gambling Control Division
Department of Justice
2550 Prospect Avenue
P.O. Box 201424
Helena, MT 59620-1424

Scroll down this page until you find the form you need. (New applicants should use the Alcohol Beverage/Gambling Operator Combined License Application in the Licensing section.)

Alcoholic Beverage licensing forms are jointly available from the Montana departments of Revenue and Justice. To find additional Department of Revenue Alcoholic Beverage Control forms go to

Gambling Forms

Sort Order Form Number wdt_ID Title Description Apply Online Form Type
1 Form 5 1 Alcoholic Beverage/ Gambling Operator Combined License Application Required for a new alcoholic beverage license and/or a new or amended gambling license. Liquor Authorization Forms are required by the Department of Revenue. *Note* In order to be eligible to receive Temporary Gambling Authority, you must apply online in TAP.

Apply Online Licensing
3 Form 6 2 VGM Quarterly Tax Reporting Form Cover Sheet This is the cover sheet for quarterly VGM tax reporting Licensing
4 Form 6a 3 Machine Gross Income This is for machine income calculation of quarterly tax. Licensing
6 Form 9 4 Card Room Contractor License Application For a person who leases space from a licensed gambling operator to conduct legal card games. Licensing
7 Form 10 5 Personal/Criminal History Statement All licensees, applicants, managers, officers or directors must complete this form. Licensing
11 Form 13 6 NIL To notify the department of any licensee intending to acquire a non-institutional loan or other non-institutional source of financing. The disclosure form allows the department to review necessary documents to determine qualification and suitability. Licensing
14 Form 15 7 Antique Illegal Gambling Device Dealer License A person may not sell more than three antique slot machines in a 12-month period without first obtaining this license. Licensing
15 Form 17 8 Manufacturer/ Distributor/ Route Operator License Application For licensing individuals who assemble, sell or lease gambling devices. Licensing
25 Form 30 10 Business Statement Any change in management employees, officers or directors must be reported to the department. Licensing
27 Form 34 11 VGM Reporting System Owner/Operator Registration For location operators/machine owners to register the approved accounting and reporting system (including web entry) they will use to report video gambling machine tax data. Licensing
Sort Order Form Number wdt_ID Title Description Apply Online Form Type