Created in 1989, the Gaming Advisory Council (GAC) advises on public policy matters related to gaming, including:

♠ Amendments to the gambling statutes.

♦ Additional or modified departmental rules.

♣ Clarification of existing rules.

♥ Operation of the Gambling Control Division.

The Gaming Advisory Council submits a report to the Department of Justice that is included as part of the Gambling Control Division Biennial Report prepared for the legislature.

Council Members

Under state law, the council is made up of nine members. Legislative leaders select the legislative members while the attorney general appoints the remaining members.

Mark Blasdel – Senate, Kalispell | Ph. 406-261-3269 | [email protected] 

Merle Frank – Gaming Industry, Billings

Mike Kenneally – Gaming Industry, Butte

Mark Kennedy – Public at Large, Billings | [email protected]

Steve Morris – Gaming Industry, Helena | Ph. 406-442-6380 | [email protected] 

Dale Mortensen – House of Representatives, Billings | Ph. 406-256-0640 | [email protected] 

Bill Slaughter – Local Government, Hall

Cory Swanson – Local Government, Townsend | [email protected] 

Carole DePoe Lankford – Native American Representative, CSKT


Next GAC Meeting

Date: October 5, 2018

Location: Helena, MT

Meeting Agenda: Agenda