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Address Confidentiality Program

The Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) is administered by the Montana Attorney General’s Office and provides an important service to residents of Montana who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.

The program is designed to provide assistance to qualifying victims wishing to protect their address by providing the victim with a substitute address. The goal of the program is to contribute to a victim’s overall safety.

The program has two basic parts. First, ACP provides a designated address for victims who have moved to a new Montana location unknown to their abuser. Second, ACP provides participants with a free first-class confidential mail forwarding service.

To apply for the Address Confidentiality Program, an applicant must:
  1. Be a resident of the state of Montana;
  2. Be a victim of partner family assault, sexual assault, or stalking as defined by 40-15-116, MCA;
  3. Complete the Address Confidentiality Program Application and Checklist. Note: The application must be notarized.

We have also prepared two convenient fact sheets — one for victims and one for advocates assisting a victim — on how to navigate the program. They are below:

NameDescriptiondatefile type
Address Confidentiality Factsheet for Orders of Protection (Victim)A fact sheet on how to ask the court to keep your address confidential when filing for an Order of Protection.3/11PDF
Address Confidentiality Factsheet for Orders of Protection (Advocate)A fact sheet for advocates on how to assist victims in keeping their address confidential when filing for an Order of Protection.3/11PDF

Although any adult can file on his or her own behalf (parents or guardians can make application for minors or incapacitated persons), most come to the program via referral of a Crime Victim Advocate. Typically, victim or legal advocates are counselors who work in shelters, community service agencies, tribal centers, county attorney‘s offices, or other local programs. For assistance in completing the ACP application we suggest that you contact a Crime Victim Advocate. You can find a complete list of all Montana Crime Victim Advocates on our website here. You may also contact the Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence at (406) 443-7794 or http://www.mcadsv.com/.

Training Videos

ACP Overview

State & Local Government Employee Training

Training Video for the Courts

Law Enforcement Training Video

Training Video for Private Business

For additional information contact our office.

Office of Victim Services
P.O. Box 201410
Helena, MT 59620-1410
(406) 444-3653 or

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