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Forensic Rape Examination Payment Program

The 2005 Montana Legislature created the forensic rape examination payment program (FREPP) to help rape victims pay for the necessary medical exam. The program ensures that the forensic evidence necessary to prosecute rape cases is available, even if victims are not ready to report the crime to law enforcement when they first go to an emergency room.

Under 46-15-411 MCA, the program provides direct payment to healthcare providers for forensic rape examinations of victims who have an exam within five days of the assault, but choose not to immediately report the crime to law enforcement.

FREPP pays the cost of a sexual assault examination up to a maximum of $600. Sexual assault victims cannot be billed for costs, fees or charges associated with a forensic rape examination and may decline to use their private insurance or any other payment sources including Medicaid or Medicare. However, medical services provided to a victim as a result of any physical injuries that may have occurred at the time of the sexual assault may be billed to the victim.

Contact FREPP

Holley Johnson
Office of Victim Services
Montana Department of Justice
555 Fuller Ave.
Helena, MT 59601-4880
Phone: (406) 444-3653
E-mail: [email protected]

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